Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recycling Containers that WORK!

My friend Nancy Morrison - who's been the recycling guru for Pierce County Solid Waste in Washington State for years and years - shared some info with me recently. She said, "you've got to check out the CLEARCYCLE recycling containers. They really work at fairs and festivals and other events because the bags are clear and the tops have holes in the shape of the recyclable item." I did. And it's amazing. When people at - what's called - "away from home events" see the clear bag and the OBVIOUS holes for recycling... they DO IT. They recycle. That's what we want. There are huge advantages to the clear bag. People realize that ONLY recyclables go into that container, because they can see inside. These containers work even BETTER if you put the CycleMax Recycling Container NEXT TO a trash container. I loved this collection system so much... I purchased a set of the CycleMax containers myself. They're going to travel with my theater show... everywhere I go. By the way... I don't get any money for endorsing this system. I just really really like it and think it can make our public events must more sustainable and make recycling easier.

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