Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Honda goes for Zero Landfill in Alabama

My home is in Alabama. I live in beautiful downtown Frog Pond, Alabama - population 76 when I'm not home - and recently I saw an ad for Honda Manufacturing of Alabama that touted it's Zero Landfill initiative. If I understand this correctly, Honda Manufacturing in Alabama will build close to 300,000 cars and no waste will go to the landfill. I assume most of the waste is recycled and what's left over is converted to non-polluting energy. If this is really true, I'm really impressed. Not only does Honda build great cars, but they're doing it in a smart green way right here in Alabama. Way to go Honda! I'm filled with a great deal of hope for the green-ness of our future. When big companies truly understand that we must create an economy that works WITH the natural world and not AGAINST it. We will all win. Woohoo!