Monday, August 27, 2012

Red Cars and Sustainability Opportunities Are The Same

Have you ever noticed that you don't generally think about red cars very much?  But the moment you purchase a "red car" your mind unconsciously begins looking around and "red cars" seem to be absolutely everywhere.  Your mind hadn't really noticed them before.  Sustainability is the same way.  When we ask our minds to look for sustainable opportunities in our business and personal lives... all the sudden... they're EVERYWHERE!  Sustainable Opportunities ARE everywhere, we just need to start seeing them.

Monday, August 20, 2012

When I was a child, I had a passion for "other peoples trash".  I would literally walk around my neighborhood and dig through piles of things they'd put out at the curb for the trash truck.  My first find was a "Velvet Elvis" painting.  It was wonderful!  To a 7 year old mind... it was inconceivable that something so valuable (and I didn't even know who Elvis Presley was) could be thrown away.  That passion for the planets' beauty and natural resources (sometimes known as natural capital) has never left me.  It has, however taken on many professional forms for me.  Recently, I've added a new professional form... Green Biz Speaker.  The new keynote is called SUSTAINABLE IS ATTAINABLE and it's about transforming the relationship that consumers and businesses use the planets resources.  I've really enjoyed creating it.  The presentation is funny, truthful, and packed full of information that businesses can use to profit through sustainability.  I really hope the "talk" takes off.  Humanity could use a little help redirecting the way we use resources and I have discovered some of the answers on my journey with Elvis.  More info?