Sunday, October 30, 2016

Your "Gut" Is Probably Wrong... No Really... by Steve Trash

The 800 lb. Gorilla can "trigger" the truth or half-truth or nothing at all

TRIGGERS. So, here's the thing.  Because I'm a professional illusionist, I think about perception a lot.  In fact, we illusionists USE your perception AGAINST you for entertainment.  Think about it.  It's WHY magic tricks work... because you mispercieve what's REALLY happening.  So recently I started thinking about the quality of thought that comes from your "gut". Your gut might be right or might be wrong... but remember... regardless of it's correctness with natural laws, mans' laws, spiritual laws... it ALWAYS tells you it's right. Surely your "gut" wouldn't lie to you? Well it can and it does. Your gut can be right or wrong but it "feels" right... and if you don't question it, you naturally THINK it's right. Seriously, it mus
t be right because it "feels" right... right? Well not really... Your gut response is an expression of a lifetime of learning, experience, observation, and most of all... most of all... triggers. Triggers are your minds "shortcuts". Stimulus/Response. Everyone has tons of triggers. Everyone. Here's how it works... some stimulus in the environment happens; someone uses a bad word (triggered response), you see a person whom you should be afraid of (triggered response), the media has told you that person is good or evil (triggered response), someone nearby reaches for their cell phone and checks messages (triggered response). Triggers help you make decisions quickly that work for you... These are necessary in "clear and present danger" situations, but sometimes they don't work "for" you, because they don't represent any real "truth". They just take you to a place that "feels good". In our minds there is always a space between stimulus and response. Your triggered response to a stimulus may be filled with truth, justice, Jesus, the American way, or not. The point is to stop in the middle and ask... is it?