Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I've always had a VERY SPECIAL place in my heart for PBS.  It's always felt like "home" to me.  When I was a kid, I loved MR ROGERS, ELECTRIC COMPANY, and SESAME STREET.   Those characters, ideas, and stories came into my physical home (through my TV) and they took root in my heart and soul.   They became a part of me.  When I grew older I became passionate about DOWNTON ABBEY,  THIS OLD HOUSE, NOVA, and the PBS NEWS HOUR.   Along my life's journey (56 years strong) I've been lucky enough to tour the world (Japan, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, UAE and all 50 US states).  I've gotten to share my passion for the environment, science, magic tricks, recycled music, and funny stuff, in thousands of LIVE performances.   I LOVE doing this.  I love interacting with REAL people, in REAL time, in a REAL moment, but I've always felt that I could do more.  I've always felt that I could be better.  I've always felt that I could do more good.  I've always felt that I could have a greater positive impact.  Last year, I got my chance.  The opportunity walked right into my life and basically said to me, "hey... here's the deal... work longer... work harder... work more... work through sickness... take larger financial risks....and you can have EXACTLY what you've been dreaming of."  So I puzzled over this for about two seconds and... then... I JUMPED RIGHT IN.  With the guidance and support of the AMAZING executive staff at ALABAMA PUBLIC TELEVISION, we began a partnership to create something so special that it met (or exceeded) the "best of the best" on PBS.  I believe we've done it, or at least... we've gotten really close.   STEVE TRASH SCIENCE is a mashup of STEM (or STEAM) ideas and CHARACTER EDUCATION ideas,  MAGIC TRICKS, silly MUSIC VIDEOS, and tons of FUNNY STUFF.  With the help of the Art Goddess, a dog that listens to me fuss without telling me to "shut up and just throw the ball" and a flexible and excellent production team we made it happen.   SEASON ONE of STEVE TRASH SCIENCE is ready to roll out this JUNE.  Thanks also to the excellent staff at NETA - National Educational Telecommunications Association - for first understanding what we were doing,  and then, for working very very quickly to make us available for broadcast to ALL PBS stations across the US... Yeah... NATIONWIDE... baby!   Steve Trash now has a home on Alabama Public Television - and PBS stations across the nation.  I'm very happy about that.  It totally "feels" right.  Do you want to help keep a "safe place" for kids that FEELS LIKE HOME?  Do you want good, positive stories to come into your kid or grand-kids heart (through their TV, tablet, smart TV, or other electronic device), then you gotta share the love.  Go to your local PBS station and donate.  The DONATE BUTTON is usually the biggest button on the web site.  It's that way because they live off of our support.  I've been donating my whole adult life.  Do it.  It will help keep excellent programs on the air (like mine).  Do it for kids like me.  - Steve :)