Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Great Minds Discuss Ideas

Here's something fun to consider today. The famous and oft-quoted Eleanor Roosevelt quote goes something like this... "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." I'm gonna think about that. ###

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Makin' Music Makes Me... Happy

It's hard to describe the enjoyment and pleasure that making music has brought me over the past couple of years.  To put it mildly, I've been bitten by the "bug".  I've always been a music lover, but the desire to "make music" has only hit me in the last couple of years.  Teaming up with the amazing Kelvin Holly to make this cool green song - The Green Houdini - was such an artistic pleasure.  I hope we get to do it again and I hope you like it.  The amazing Muscle Shoals Sound "Swamper" - David Hood - just told me yesterday (at a party) that he'd like to play bass on any new tracks we make.  Woohoooo!  I've love that.  So here it is kiddies.  I re-edited the music video for higher quality.  Hope you enjoy it.   Let me know.  Peace, Love, Understanding

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Magic Trick... Compost Bin?

We have a new compost bin in the Casa-De-Trash kitchen.  We got it from RecyclingIsCool.com web site.  We like it a whole lot.  It's big and sturdy.  Our old kitchen compost holding bin (we jam the peals, apple cores, broccoli stems, pieces, leftovers in there until it's full, then we take it outdoors to our composter... fewer trips that way) was actually really terrific... so why did we trade it in?   The answer is... a magic trick.  One of the most interesting things about being an illusionist-magician-entertainer-type is our constant search for "just the right prop".  It turns out that the old bucket is made of metal and makes an amazingly loud sound when something is dropped into it.  One day on my trip out the our backyard "claw-foot" bathtub compost bin (that's another story), I dropped the metal one and it made an amazing sound.  I was instantly hit with the idea that it would make a terrific "Misers Dream" can.  That's the trick where the illusionist appears to pull silver dollars out of the air and drops them into the bucket or can and every coin clangs as it hits the bottom of the bucket.  I brought it inside.  Dropped a few silver dollars inside and voila... new magic prop.  Thank goodness the Queen of All Things Casa De Trash... agreed... These are just a few of the sacrifices she makes to support her show business husband .  And... I have a new Misers Dream bucket.  :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Steve Trash Releases - Psychedelic Music Video - SUN JUICE

Well it's official.  Our - SUN JUICE - music video is finally finished!  Woooohoooo!    A day long video shoot and several really late night editing sessions and I think it looks just great!  The Trash Team - Jim Torres, Keith Sims, Corey Hannah, and The Art Goddess (Dianne) all pitched in and I think the video is terrific.  It's silly.  It's psychedelic.  It's fun.  It totally sounds like a song from the nineteen sixties, which I really like.  When Kelvin Holly and I started writing and recording songs for The Trash Tunes - our green songs for kids album - I visited his studio and saw a sitar (Classical Indian & Hindustani multi-string instrument) sitting in the corner with a bunch of other guitars.  I was intrigued.  I asked Kelvin, "hey can you play that"?  Which - come to think of it - is kind of a stupid question because he's a very very accomplished guitarist and it was in his studio.  But he said, "yeah I can play it" and I immediately started imagining the sounds we could make on our new album.  I always loved The Beatles.  I particularly like the psychedelic period of their music.  On Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Magical Mystery Tour albums they were particularly experimental in the sounds and instruments they chose to use.   I also really like the sound of the sitar.  It sounds cool.  So when we dove into making Sun Juice, I said, "lets kick it off with the sitar".  Kelvin (always a man of many words) said, "Ok"... so we did.  Most of the video was shot at my home and digital production studio in Frog Pond Manor in downtown Frog Pond, Alabama.  The photovoltaic solar array you see in the video is mine.  We installed it in 2012 to capture the sun's energy and then we use that energy as electricity.  When the sun shines, we're making our own electricity.  It's clean.  It's green.  It's free.  Well the Ten K Solar - RAIS WAVE SOLAR ARRAY and inverter and batteries were not exactly free.  In fact, they were really expensive, but it was a one-time payment for the equipment/installation and now I make much of my own electricity. THAT'S energy independence... make your own power.  So... when the sun shines... I make my electricity for free.  My electric bill for this past October was $52 bucks.  Thank you Mr. Sun.  Sun Juice... it's for free.  It CAN power you and me.  It can power everyone.  So do me a favor, if you like our latest creation... Sun Juice - Official Music Video on YouTube.  Share it with your friends. If you really really like it... buy it on itunes.  Hee Hee.  Thanks and have a "sunny day".  ST - ###

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Steve Trash - Great Green Gift Ideas For Kids - 2013

Almost everyone knows that the best holiday “gift” is love. Time and attention given to a loved one cannot be beaten by any other gift… but sometimes getting a cool holiday present wrapped up with a big bow “feels pretty good too”.  For those times, we’ve searched the planet and created the “Steve Trash Great Green Gifts for Kids List” and here it is.  Enjoy. Happy shopping!

Our Trash Elves have scoured the interwebs to make this list and items included in it are based on the seller's description. Not all the gift ideas listed have been tried, worn, played with, ridden, tested, purchased, or, for that matter, seen up close and personal. 

1. Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally
friendly materials. My favorite, of course, is the Green Toys™ Recycling Truck! $27.99

2. This Sandbox is constructed of a durable material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. It comes with a cover and a tarp. $89.98 

3. This swing is made from eco-friendly recycled tires, it’s ready to hang with durable nylon rope. $99.00

4. Recycled Robots book and kit - Make ten different moving robots, out of the ordinary things from around the house. $24.95

5. Solar Rover - Put together the parts, attach an empty soda can and you'll have your very own solar-powered rover, a little like those currently roaming Mars! $17.95

6. Aluminum Can Robot - All you need is a soda can and a little imagination. Turn your can into a silly moving robot. Kit includes: parts and instructions. $14.95

7. The Trash Tunes CD - Ok, it’s toot your own horn time. My friend Kelvin Holly and I wrote, recorded, and produced THE TRASH TUNES – green songs for cool kids (3-10 years). Styles from good old rock & roll anthems to R.E.M. ballads, all with green themed lyrics. Your kid will be dancing around the house singing along! $8 - $14
http://stevetrash.com/music.html and

8. Eco-friendly Wire & Bead Kit - Create your own wonderful art piece. Shaping wires into springs and swirls, and wrap wire to hold marbles. $18.95 

9. Bamboo Skateboard - Bamboo not only aids in creating better boards, but it is also a socially responsible material choice. $30.00 (short deck)

10. Obstacles Game - A game of inventive solutions, evidence imagination & cooperation. Eco-friendly design: 90% recycled gray

11. Earthopoly Game - Players become the caretakers of locations around the planet then increase their property value by making  good choices. It’s all fun and games until someone gets sent to the Dump! $24.95 

12. Rock Star Hat - Black organic hemp knit hat with signature Rock Star Organics "bling" on the side. $29.00

13. Recycled Bracelet Starter Kit with 100 Elements - Made of 100% recycled scrap materials. Adjustable bracelet easily fits most wrist and ankle sizes. $19.00 

14. TOMS Youth Vegan Classics - Shoes whose entire lifecycle provides a gentler environmental footprint. $42.00 

15. Winter Hat - The outside is made of reclaimed wool. The soft fleece lining ensures extra warmth and zero itchiness and it’s machine washable. $30.00 

16. Denali Hoodie - The North Face Denali Hoodie is made from recycled Polartec 300 series fleece to provide quick-drying, cozy
warmth that's environmentally friendly. $119.00 

17. Bamboo Dial Watch - Corn resin components, certied organic cotton strap, natural bamboo dial, mineral Crystal and mercury-free battery. $30.00.  Other colors available. 

18. Looking for smart phones that are low in toxic materials? The site GoodGuide rates products based on environmental impacts and company
social practices. http://www.goodguide.com/categories/332304-cell-phones##products
The site HealthyStuff.org can help you find the least toxic, environmentally friendly phone.

19. Stainless Steel Three-in-One Bento Lunch Box - Good for more than just lunch! Lead-free, food-safe, series 205 stainless steel. No plastic - BPA-Free. $23.95 

20. Solar LED Flashlight Keychain (Mini) - This flashlight is solar powered with two long life LED bulbs. A four hour charge of direct sunlight will provide light for approximately two hours. $5.00. 

21. Little Kid Eco Pack - Sturdy backpacks of nylon made entirely from recycled plastic drinking bottles and trimmed with naturally biodegradable canvas. $44.95.

22. Recycled Slim Backpack - Made of recycled materials and components, no two bags are completely the same. $140.00

23. Recyclable cups - Made from recycled and recyclable materials. $12.00 - $16.00.

24. iPad Sleeve - Durable, protective exterior made from upcycled treadmill track, easy to clean and water resistant. Interior lining is made from PET recycled bottles. $35.00 

25. Bowling game made entirely from eco-friendly, non-toxic, recycled cardboard, laser-cut for precise fit. $12.00

26. Colorful Hat made of recycled cotton sock leftovers from the Socklady's Sol Mate Mismatched Socks. $36.

27. Colorful Dragonheart Vermont Socks. Materials: Recycled cotton, nylon and lycra. $20.00

28. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Designed to provide you with safe, clean drinking water in any situation. $19.95

29. Earth Lab - Environmental science kit helps teach kids about the problems faced by our planet and how sustainable practices and
technology can help us can overcome them. Promotes a real understanding of abstract environmental concepts. $44.95

Happy Shopping and remember... keep it green!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Muscle Shoals Music... Inspiration? Highway 43 - Muscle Shoals

I wrote this song - GARBAGE MOUNTAIN - while driving south on highway 43 through Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  As I crossed highway 72 (heading home)  I looked over and saw this huge/enormous mountain of trash through the trees (it was winter so the leaves had fallen).  It was really big. I was shocked.  A mountain of garbage had grown up - along a path I'd travelled regularly - over the years - and I'd never noticed it before. Give this tune a quick listen... GARBAGE MOUNTAIN ...then...  If you like it... support the home team. Buy the album. In fact, buy several. We are not a part of THE MACHINE. There's no big record company with A&R and Payola and Dirty Tricks and all the "big muscle stuff" they have at their disposal to get records on the radio and into stores and into the media. Ever wonder why some music that's out there is so bad?  It's the machine.  They pick and push.  Wanna support good music that's NOT part of the machine?  Well hip-hip-hurray you can!  You see, we're just Kelvin Holly and Steve Trash making the world a better place through music.  So if you feel you are a person that supports good stuff. Bring it. Buy the album. In fact, buy two, buy three.  Buy lots. Share this post. Tell your friends. Thx for the support. Here's the itunes link if you're a digital downloader type.  Steve 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Magic Words Are... Reduce Reuse Recycle

If you walk up to someone on the street (grown-up or child) and ask them what they think the “real magic words” are,  you get an enormous range of responses.  I know because I do this all the time. Responses I get range from  "Go away... I don't speak to silver bearded strangers in enormous black hats" to "Well... let me see... Abracadabra... maybe?" to "Allah Peanut Butter Sandwiches..." to "... Please?"  

All of these are valid, but the only real magic words are “Reduce Reuse Recycle.”  These magic words actually DO MAGIC.  The secret to the success of "the real" magic words - The Three Rs - Reduce Reuse Recycle - is that they work.  Like a magic wand, we wave these magic words towards the planet (and the way we treat its resources), and it makes our negative impact smaller.  The impact is smaller because we're working WITH the natural world rather than AGAINST it.  

I'm bent towards green.  It's a bias of mine, but my bent is based on a pretty good understanding of ecological science.  Eco-Science, of course, is the study of the connections that exist in the natural world.  Ours is a very complex biological, chemical, and atomic system, but it's really, really amazing, and it's really, really all connected.  It's one system.  We know this through solid scientific study.  

So the next time you're watching a magician on TV or a Disney movie or wishing there were magic words to make that annoying kid in class disappear... remember... the only true magic words (that work) are REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wait a minute... you're a Magician... Not a Musician?

Only magicians know this.  When we introduce ourselves to new people we say, "I'm a professional magician."  It's so unusual to the new persons ears, they say back to us... "oh neat, you're a musician."  And we start the conversational back-and-forth-dance of explaining both prestidigitator's occupational pronunciation and its responsibilities (make stuff appear, disappear, float, tranform...etc.).  Interestingly, I've recently dipped my toes into the world of musician as well as magician.  Yeah.  I know.  It's a MadCap Life I live.  I know.  Hey, I just realized something... thanks to - THE TRASH TUNES - now I'll be able to just say... "yes" when they repeat back to me what I do.  :)  But, I digress.  I am a big fan of music as well as magic.  And more importantly, I'm a big fan of the professional musicians that call northwest Alabama home.  There's a long tradition of great recorded music coming out of here.  It even has a name... The Muscle Shoals sound.  I grew up in Florence... just across the river from Muscle Shoals.  In reality northwest Alabama is one giant musical community.  Consequently, I'm friends with some of these amazing and very cool "music types".  One of those... Kelvin Holly and I decided to make music that had never ever been made before... Here's the video explanation of how we decided to create an album of green songs for cool kids and grownups.  The album is called THE TRASH TUNES.  Oh yeah... here's the higher quality version HD version of the "behind the scenes" video - on Vimeo.  Enjoy the video.  More important, enjoy Kelvin playing guitar in his pajamas.  Hee Hee.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Green Houdini - Official Music Video Release

When musician Kelvin Holly (Amazing Rhythm Aces, Pegi Young and The Survivors, and Little Richard Band) and I finished our collection of 8 green songs - THE TRASH TUNES, I almost immediately started to work on music videos for them.  I actually enjoy editing video a lot.  I like the process of merging all the crazy disconnected elements together.  To me, it's really fun... almost as fun as making the music in the first place.  Here's our newest video.  THE GREEN HOUDINI.  Hint Hint... it's about the beauty and magic of the natural world.  Oh yeah.  Thanks to Jeff Whitten for some the the amazing animal photos.  Enjoy!    

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Trash Tunes - Green Songs 4 Cool Kids and Grownups

It's been a very long and very enjoyable trek.  It's been over two years from conception to the CD, and we're now - only a few days away - from the national release of THE TRASH TUNES - Green Songs 4 Cool Kids and Grownups.  All the songs were written by professional musician Kelvin Holly and myself. How did that happen you might ask?  One day, Steve Trash went to visit his friend Kelvin Holly. Kelvin was recording music at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios along the banks of the Tennessee River. As Steve watched the "magic" of live music being recorded, he was struck with an idea. There should be an album of "great green songs" that both kids and grownups can dig. Too many times, kids' music is mind-numbingly silly or just plain-old horrible. After the session was finished, Steve shared this idea with Kelvin, and over the next year or two (they both tour extensively), they put this album together. Going for great music with great green ideas that are fun and inspiring to listen to... THE TRASH TUNES were created.  I'm really proud of this album and hope that everyone loves it as much as I do.  It's fun.  It's inspirational.   It's Green.  It will be available on itunes, Amazon.com, CD Baby, and on my web site www.stevetrash.com/music.html Tuesday October 1, 2013.   Check it out!  And thanks for your support.