Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working for a living

Let me say right off the bat that I've done many many jobs in my lifetime. Some of them stunk and some of them were okay. I've delivered drugs...for a pharmacy. I've delivered auto parts. I've washed dishes in a southern style home cooking restaurant. I've swept the floor in a factory. I've even been a temporary secretary at 55 Water Street in the famous financial district of NYC. Even with all that uninspiring career experience, there are days that I start to look only at the downside of my life as a touring entertainer. Each day - especially when you're on tour by yourself - can be a real personal challenge. In most cases I'm in a town that I've never been in. I'm in a venue that I've never played in. There is no one in that town that knows me. They don't care if I'm sick. They don't care if I locked my keys in the van. They don't care if someone just sideswiped my van. They don't care if I haven't had one day off in over 27 days. They don't care if I have another 476 miles to drive and I'm already really really tired. They don't care about anything having to do with me. There is a real sense of isolation that can set in when you travel alone. The worst part is... it feels like there is no one else in the world looking out for you. This type of thinking can be very mentally very taxing and it will get to you over time. But these feelings can be emeliarated when I actually get to do what I came there for. The show! It's why I love show business. I love to make people happy. I love to hear kids cheering. I love to hear Moms and Dads laughing out loud at something I said. Their happiness... makes me happy. I guess it's why I put up with the other part. The good part is way better than the bad part. Hope your life is like that too.