Monday, August 18, 2008

Kids Making Better Choices Release Date Set

After completing or KIDS MAKING BETTER CHOICES video back in April... we finally have a release date. The 30 minute video - which teaches better eating and exercise choices for kids using magic tricks and slapstick comedy - is scheduled to mail to Alabama Primary Schools on Thursday August 21, 2008. There are cross correlated study guides and downloadable pdfs on my web

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steve Trash Eco-Magic Tricks

Some exciting news appears to be on the horizon for Concrete Dream Inc. - the official name of my entertainment company. I recently had an excellent conversation with the president of a really cool toy company. They manufacture fun toys for kids in a sustainable manner. In effect, they use sustainably harvested wood, water based paints, and all their manufacturing practices are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the process of actually making the toys. If all goes well we'll begin licensing some Steve Trash Eco-Magic Tricks soon and have a couple to offer by Toy Fair in NY in February. Keep your fingers crossed I've never found a company before that I believed would truly walk the talk, but I think these folks are the real deal. Steve :)