Friday, February 1, 2019


THEME MUSIC - Immediately after I got the FULL-TILT-WE-ARE-GO-GREEN-LIGHT-YOU-NOW-HAVE-A-DEADLINE-TO-DO-ALL-THIS from Alabama Public Television, I started the process of figuring out what EXACTLY my kids science tv show would LOOK and SOUND like. I had TONS of ideas. A friend of mine (who's a famous puppeteer and she had an even MORE FAMOUS puppeteer mom) gave me some very very GOOD advice. She (my friend) had won an Emmy for producing her Mom's kid TV show and she had some valuable insights into what makes a very good show for kids. One of the SUPER VALUABLE things she brought to my attention was the need for a THEME SONG that holds all the elements of a show together. I LOVE music, and it's a super-duper-important part of my shows, but I'd never really considered having a theme that could weave in and out of the whole episode. Realizing that there are "smart people" out there that want to help me MAKE GOOD STUFF, I remained open to this idea. The idea that I could have a STEVE TRASH SCIENCE THEME song stayed in the back of my mind as I toured and brainstormed the show. Months pass... and... Low and Behold... A professional musician, composer, and Bon Vi Vont... appeared in my life. Composer - Mark Pettey - had recently moved back to Alabama after a lifetime of globetrotting with various famous bands. He was open to creating something for the show. He was talented, smart, and willing to "give it a whirl". As he composed various ideas, I'd drop them into the timeline (of the video) and we'd see what worked and what did not work.  My original ideas simply did not work.  He’d make something and I’d put it in the timeline and I’d say… “you know… that’s what I asked for, but it TOTALLY does not work”.  And we’d try something else.  Eventually (through a bunch of trial and error) we came to a song that I'm simply OVER THE MOON happy with.   It’s so cool to call this song… the official - STEVE TRASH SCIENCE THEME SONG. It's actually got a bit of a Charlie Brown/Vince Guaraldi and Miles Davis Trio vibe to it, but MAKE NO MISTAKE... it totally rocks. As stressful and fear-inducing as the process of producing a TV show has been (and can be) I'm grateful for the many creatives that have made this project ROCK.  Thank you Mallory!  Thank you Mark for bringing some music magic to this project!  And now... onward... I've got to spend the next five hours making editing notes for my beloved editor.... Jim. Peace.   Oh yeah… By the way... in the picture… Mark is the one with the trumpet... I don't know who the other guy is. :) #thememusic #music #vinceguaraldi #milesdavis #stevetrashscience #apt #pbs #science #magicvsscience #sciencevsmagic #lambchop #sharilewis #mallorylewis #puppeteer #puppet Mark Pettey​ Mallory Lewis​