Friday, December 28, 2018


Christmas Tree 1996. Wayback in the day 1996–ish we (the Art Goddess and I) chose to have a live Christmas tree in our home at Frog Pond Manor. We decorated it. We lit it. We put gifts under it. We watered it. Then after the first of the year… we took it to the front yard and planted it.  All these years later - approximately 22 years - it’s lasted and lasted and lasted (it's 45 + feet tall) but, nature has finally run its course and it has died. Thank you beautiful Christmas Tree for all of the years of shade, beauty, oxygen, and being a home for countless blue birds.  And... thanks for the magic.  It was much appreciated.  #magic #christmastree #sweethomealabama #stevetrash #bluebird #nature #beauty #grateful #tree 


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