Tuesday, November 12, 2019

TONS and TONS of red cars

by Rockin' Eco Hero - Steve Trash

Have you ever purchased something beautiful, awesome, unique, amazing, fantastic… like a new car? It was red. It was beautiful. You TOTALLY loved that car. But as you drove around town you started to notice that there were were TONS and TONS of beautiful red cars (just like yours) on the road? Obviously, there were no more red cars on the road AFTER you purchased yours than BEFORE . What happened? I know the answer because I am a full-time, working, professional MAGICIAN and I think about this stuff a lot. Here's what happened. By purchasing a red car, you sent a signal to your mind that red cars were important to you, so your mind - unconsciously - began looking for red cars. And because your mind began LOOKING for them, you began SEEING them. Seeing and processing takes mental energy, so we prime our minds to SEE what we expect to see. It's just easier. It takes less mental energy/work. Our minds are designed this way. Bias, preconceived ideas, prejudices, can make us ACTUALLY SEE THINGS that are misrepresentations of the truth. Our mind is seeking to confirm our bias for an idea. Remember there were no more red cars... we just began noticing them because we told our minds red cars were important. We see what we have told our mind to see, but we DON'T REALIZE THIS. So... take it from a magician... it's a very good idea to occasionally question your picture of the world. This applies to politics, business, family, happiness, world-view… everything. You and I may be seeing ONLY what we expect to see... rather than the truth. It’s your mind. Make informed and wise use of it. 


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